Market and market potential analysis

Many Uzbek and foreign companies with help of our specialists gained opportunities to earn money, diversified their activities, strengthen their position on the market. In majority of the cases the cost of the research is only 1% out of total market investments. 1% of market investments is a guarantee that the rest 99% will be successful.   
Market analysis and competitors research is one of the most popular types of marketing research. In order to conquer and keep the market share, aforementioned research is objectively essential, particularly in the spheres with high competition. One of the main aims of the marketing research is evaluation of marketing potential of the company. Particular research is essential for right evaluation and prediction of the market size, growth potential and possible profit.

In the frame of this research, we can offer following types of the research:

Evaluation of market value and shares

Evaluation of market values and shares, occupied by particular companies, is the main goal of market research. Experience of marketing research reveals that aforementioned information shows big interest for the companies.  
Knowledge of those indices is necessary for market share increase of particular company, as well as market penetration of the new established company or trade mark.

Results of this research as follows: 

  • Market volume (natural or monetary terms); 
  • Market share of the products in  particular market; 
  • Position of the product, company and competitors on the market.

Data collection is performed through retail audit, in order to define list of main competitor’s products, their prices, as well as consumer survey, on the base of representative sample among physical and juridical bodies.

Evaluation of market potential of particular product

In the frame of this research, the maximum (potential) sales volume of tested product is measured with various price levels.  
At the same time, the most optimal price is calculated, which for the most of the potential consumers will not be suspiciously low or unreasonably high.

Results of this research as follows: 

  • Maximum possible level of product/service sales with various price levels; 
  • Gap between allowed prices for tested product; 
  • Evaluation of optimal price for the tested product.
  • Data collection is performed through survey of potential consumers of the product/services through individually designed questionnaires.

In accordance with a type of the research we implement the following
data collection methods:
Focus Group Discussion In Depth Interview
Mini Focus Group B2B Interview
Face to face Interview Phone Survey
Experts Interview Hall Tests
In-home Diary method
Observation Mystery shopping
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