Retail trade audit

Retail trade audit is a research conducted in sales outlets on the basis of panel – fixed sampling of different trade outlet s’ types. The research is based on regular data collection of prices, stock, sales of diverse category products, as well as presence of products and promotional materials in the outlets.   

Retail trade audit provides an opportunity to:

·         Evaluate market volume (both in monetary and natural terms)

·         Evaluate market volume by package types, taste varieties, content, volume and size

·         Evaluate volume of stock in retail network

·         Evaluate quality of distribution

·         Reveal structure and potential of the researched market

·         Understand regional difference in consumption preferences

·         Detect the main players on the market and their market shares


The database is presented basing on different product categories in the easy-to-use software shell. Final reports are available in different formats depending on customer request (printed and electronic copies, including MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS Access)    

In addition, the research allows considering common trends of market development from the viewpoint of changes in its volume, structure, market shares of different companies and their brands, distribution level and prices. Reports on sales and analysis of the obtained data might be received monthly, once per two months, quarterly or once in a half-year.

 Specialists of DE FACTO Marketing agency have more than 10 years’ of experience in retail audit conduction for various product categories in Uzbekistan and other republics in Central Asia. 

* The results of exclusive researches were not used as an example.

In accordance with a type of the research we implement the following
data collection methods:
Focus Group Discussion In Depth Interview
Mini Focus Group B2B Interview
Face to face Interview Phone Survey
Experts Interview Hall Tests
In-home Diary method
Observation Mystery shopping
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