Hall tests

Hall-test is a special method of marketing research which is another type of personal interview or questionnaire. While conducting the test, tested object is presented to respondents and then they are offered either to fill in the questionnaire which consists of standard questions or answer the questions from interviewer.
More often, hall-test is conducted closed to crowded place (for example: city markets or crowded streets), where equipped rooms are set for research conduction (“hall”) or in the office of a company which is engaged in hall-test conduction.
The advantage of the method gives an opportunity to show and evaluate not only a visual information but auditory, olfactory, tactile, gustatory and their combination.
Hall-test is intended to meet the following objects:
·         To study consumer’s attitude toward goods, trade brands, producers;
·         To search for a vacant niche and new product development;
·         To test advertising materials;
·         To evaluate correspondence of the present product with market demand;
·         To optimize advertising campaign while identifying optimal advertising material;
·         To reveal the influence of advertising materials on different consumer categories.
Method potentials:
Hall-test is used when in accordance with the technical reasons (necessity in demonstration of audio- and video material to respondents) full-scale personal survey by place of residence or by phone is impossible and focus-group, though allowing demonstration of different materials, does not make it possible to obtain statistically reliable data. As a rule, hall-test is used for prior testing of advertising materials as well testing of any consumer characteristics of the goods.     

Home test
HOME-TEST technique is supposed to conduct testing in real housing conditions. Usually, goods of daily usage such as baby food, shampoos, washing powder, food stuff, etc. are in need of such test. In contrast to Hall test, tested products are left for testing at home.

Home-test is much similar to Hall-test but is used if it is needed to test the goods for a long period (during some days).
The respondents of target group are offered to test any product or some products in real housing conditions (usually products of frequent or daily usage). As a rule, the package of the goods does not contain brand name and reference on a company- producer.
After using that product during a few days, the respondent answers questions from the questionnaire, which identifies attitude of the respondent toward particular product (sometimes – in comparison with other products).
Home-test method is used for:
·         Solving tasks related to positioning of new goods, concerning specified commodity group
·         Monitoring perception of consumer features of a product
·         Detection of shortcomings and advantages of goods in comparison with other producers’ analogs
·         Defining the optimal product price and other features.
The shortcomings of the method are its complexity and high cost of the research organization. The advantage of Home-test lies in the fact that there is a possibility to test goods in the same conditions they are commonly used in.     
The technique of the test gives an opportunity to make changes in the goods before entering the market and thereby to increase potential demand on those goods.

Sampling pattern:
The size of the sampling consists of in average 100-400 persons, which is set in accordance with the task of the research, as well, share of the researched category of population in PP (parent population)
The main criteria in purpose of sampling formation are frequency and volume of consumption of commodity group, which the tested product belongs to.


In accordance with a type of the research we implement the following
data collection methods:
Focus Group Discussion In Depth Interview
Mini Focus Group B2B Interview
Face to face Interview Phone Survey
Experts Interview Hall Tests
In-home Diary method
Observation Mystery shopping
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