In home visits


In home visit – is a home visit or interview at place of residence. The present method allows to fix human behavior directly at the places of residence. It becomes preferable, if a subject of interview is related to problems, which are more convenient to discuss in an informal situation and free from influence of business or study relations. Fixation is made by technical means.
Advantages of the method:
·         Direct communication between observer and object of study
·         Absence of mediate parts
·         Efficiency in getting information
The present method covers such areas as:
·         Product testing
·         Positioning concepts testing
·         Attitude to product
·         Analysis of response to advertising 



In accordance with a type of the research we implement the following
data collection methods:
Focus Group Discussion In Depth Interview
Mini Focus Group B2B Interview
Face to face Interview Phone Survey
Experts Interview Hall Tests
In-home Diary method
Observation Mystery shopping
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