Personal interview


Personal interview can be conducted both in the street using the method of random selection and at respondents’ place of residence. Random multistage sampling is used for that. In other words, regions or cities are selected sequentially in a random way, where the interview is conducted, then streets and houses, then apartments (households) and then respondents in households.

Personal interview is used for the following cases:

·         If the research is conducted in the centers of population with insufficient level of installed telephones  

·         If it is required to show demonstration materials to respondents (covers, logos, photos, stickers and etc.)

·         If average duration of the interview exceeds 25-30 min.


Interview is carried out by formalized questionnaire, so every respondent is suggested to answer the same questions in a strictly defined sequence. An interviewer asks questions and records obtained answers. 

Interview is carried out in different days of week and day time, and if no one is at home or a respondent is busy, the interviewer visits selected apartment again.  

Interviewers work under supervisors’ control. Every supervisor takes special course: how to select respondents, how to establish communication with them, how to ask questions and work with a questionnaire.    

Interview at place of residence

Interview is carried out at respondents’ place of residence. Housing interview is the most appropriate for conducting a complex prolonged interview. A rout method of household selection is used in the most researches, combined with assigned age-gender quotas of respondents. Residential interview is carried out in different days of week and day time and if no one is at home or a respondent is busy, the interviewer visits selected apartment again. 

Interview at place of residence makes it possible to implement sampling, representing population of the city.  Method of residential interview is very convenient for demonstration and testing product samples, detection of psychographic and behavioral features of respondents, detection of consumption structure.   

Interview in the streets

Interview in the street is a type of general personal interview. Outdoor version of “face-to-face” interview is notable for its simplicity and accuracy of question statements. Accordingly, interview in the street is always short. Methodology of particular interview will make it possible to obtain large amount of information from respondents with high level of reliability. Personal communication enables to use visual aids (frames of the advertisement, product samples and etc.)     

Using representative sampling, respondents’ search process is done in a random way along with definite steps (e.g. to question every third passerby). Using purpose sampling, respondents are questioned according to defined quotas (e.g. males, age 30-40, who have private vehicle). All the answers are filled in the formalized questionnaire. Herewith, the interviewer insists on filling in the entire questionnaire.


In accordance with a type of the research we implement the following
data collection methods:
Focus Group Discussion In Depth Interview
Mini Focus Group B2B Interview
Face to face Interview Phone Survey
Experts Interview Hall Tests
In-home Diary method
Observation Mystery shopping
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